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Welfare System

NEOCYON provides our employees with extensive benefits to ensure their
needs are met and keep them productive.

Welfare System

Running Clean Day Pleasant working environment / Early leave once a month Self-development We financially support
employees for self-
development programs
on a regular basis.
Family Support We offer financial support
on special occasions
of family.
Expense Support
We provide financial support
for communication.
Night Worker Support We support expenses for
meal and transportation.
Commuter Bus Employees can take our
commuting bus for
more convenience.
Health All employees can have
a physical checkup
every year.
Birthday We provide a gift card
to celebrate birthdays
of our employees.
Child birth / Child care support Maternity and parental leave
options for the birth of a
child and caregiving.
TimeShift program This system enables employees
to gain more flexibility around
work hours from their preferred setting.
Employee Referral bonuses Incentives are given to
employees when their referred
candidate is hired for more than
a couple of months.
Merity pay Variety of benefits and special
bonuses are provided when employees have made valuable contributions
to the company.